Hey there!

My name is Mitch Silvius. I am the owner of Silvius Motion Pictures. SMP is a production company that produces Christian films that are intended to glorify God, evangelize, and edify believers. If you are a passionate Christian filmmaker, I would love to connect with you on Facebook. Message me anytime! If you have a script for a film or a concept for a documentary, we would love to find out if we can help you make it!

What Mitch Can Do For You

Mitch Silvius is a multi-purpose freelance filmmaker. He can direct your video, he can film it, he can edit it, and make it look awesome!

More specifically, here is a list of the roles that he can fulfill for you:



Camera Op

Boom-pole bro



Color Grade Artist

He works as hard as possible to make sure he does the best job as possible. Mitch is a perfectionist. He is fun to work with, because he is funny (as long as the camera isn’t rolling). Make sure he takes breaks and he eats on said breaks, otherwise he will die from starvation. If he isn’t already assigned to a particular task, he is happy to help out with anything that you need help with. He doesn’t have an ego and is the most humble person you will ever meet – guaranteed. [Insert disclaimer about internet sarcasm.]

International Christian Film Festival Official Selection
Christian Worldview Film Festival Official Selection 2016
International Christian Film Festival Official Selection Most Creative Documentary 2016
Official Selection – Christian Worldview 2014
Winner – BJU Festival 2012

Contact Mitch

If you would like to work with Mitch on a project, please contact him by sending him a message or by giving him a call or text.
Here is his number: 317-771-1580

Hit him up! Click here to friend Mitch on Facebook.